Fuel Good Day A Big Success!

September 27, 2017
Fuel Good Day A Big Success!
Thank you Sherwood Co-op Communities! We asked for your help and you delivered!
On September 19th, we hosted "Fuel Good Day" asked you to fill up at all Sherwood Co-op Gas Bars in Regina, Emerald Park, Indian Head, Montmartre, Southey and Dysart! For every litre you bought that day, Sherwood Co-op and Co-op Refinery Complex donated a total of 20¢ to Souls Harbour RESCUE Mission!
We sold over 305,000 litres which translates to over $61,000! Troy and Megan from Sherwood and Brad and Andrew from the Refinery had the pleasure of presenting the big cheques to Joe and Deana at Souls Harbour. The money will be used towards the Samaritan Project which is a complete rebuild of their men's shelter and soup kitchen.

You can really feel good about fuelling up on Fuel Good Day!